Boombux Magazine – Hot New Urban Music And Entertainment magazine in conjunction with BoomBux Candy Series our urban men’s lifestyle front and magazine is currently offering available Ad Spaces in our upcoming print and digital issues.

We support small businesses including big corporations; do you need to get your brand, business, events, products and services to a wider reach and audience?

We got the perfect and most affordable prices and suitable Ad formats to feed your needs.

You can get an ad running on any of our digital and print issues from as low as $25 alongside a variety of other price ranges and Ad sizes.

We offer full page Ads, Two Page spreads Ads, 1/2 Page Ads, Side Bar Ads, 1/4 Page Ads, 1/16 Page Ads, Inside Front Cover Ads, Inside Back Cover Ads and more.

As long as your brand says entertainment, music, hip hop, urban entertainment, glamour, nightlife, fashion-urban fashion we got you covered.

We can spring you more potential leads and prospects from all over the globe.

Africa, Asia, Canada, France, UK, Spain, Netherlands, Sweden, Turkey including the US especially in Arizona, Alabama, Arkansas, California, Florida, Georgia, Texas and more.

To find out more or to place an order get at us on

We accept payza, send in your request and we would provide you with more details.

We also provide a variety of online promotion packages available on our promotions page — Click here and check them out.


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